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SUP Standards. Paddles - The Equipment Standards, What to use?

The Equipment Standards

+ Why is this important?

The correct clothing and equipment to use for paddle boarding is a frequently discussed topic, but it's not as simple as you may think. Click here to find out.

Equipment Guide
SUP Standards. Buoyancy Aid Standards, exiting the water paddling.
SUP Standards. White Diamond Vector.

A buoyancy aid (BA) is a type of personal flotation device (PFD).

Where the leash is a critical ‘must-have’ piece of safety equipment, the buoyancy aid is optional and should be considered based on a number of personal factors.  + Learn More

SUP Standards. SUP Boards Standards.

SUP Boards

Choosing the right paddle board has long been a tricky decision. Of the options available, perhaps two of the most contrasting come from the hard board vs inflatable board debate.

Hard boards are durable and sit well in the water.

If you are choosing an inflatable board, choose a quality board.  

A poor quality inflatable board can be unsafe. 

Poor construction may mean the boards:

  • Can deflate when you are paddling on them, leaving you in the water having to swim to shore

  • Can bend like a banana when you stand on them, making it difficult to paddle.

  • Be too thick, make the board more unstable in the water, meaning you will fall off more

  • Be too narrow, making the board unstable.


Your overall paddling experience will also not be as pleasant.



Here to help is a range of information that will hopefully shed some light on the decision and have you choosing the right board for the job.

Pros and Cons on SUP Hard Board vs Inflatable Boards

Are Cheap Inflatable SUP Boards A Double Edged Sword?

Choosing A Suitable Inflatable Paddleboard

Four Factors to Consider When Buying a SUP board

SUP Standards. Paddle Boards, Hardboard VS Foam Board

SUP Boards

SUP Standards. Leashes Standards.
SUP Standards. White Diamond Vector.

It would be fair to say, the leash is not a SUP accessory, it is a SUP necessity.

It stops us from becoming cut adrift in the water, when many other aids suddenly seem a little less important, or entirely redundant... + Keep Reading

SUP Standards. What to wear paddling? Clothing Standards

Choosing what to wear for SUP can be confusing.

There are no specific clothing requirements. Everyone is different. It also depends on your level of paddle ability, the season and where you are paddling.

Be aware of hypothermia and heat stroke and heat exhaustion and wear clothing suitable to the conditions.


When paddling, you are exerting energy and therefore you are heating up. You need to be careful about heat exhaustion, even if the weather temperature is cold!

SUP Standards. Paddling in Winter, what to wear?


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