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SUP Standards. Hong Kong paddle standards.

Hong Kong

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Most SUP is conducted at coastal locations. There is an abundance of ocean bays, lagoons and estuaries near the coast, offering sheltered inland paddling conditions.


Summer conditions are in place from June to August ranging on average from 26 C to 30 C. In winter, the conditions are cooler, down to 14 C.

​Water temperatures, on average, are around 28 C in the summer and 18 C in the winter. Wind and swell direction is predominantly northerly or northeasterly in autumn and winter and southerly in summer.

The main stand up paddling spots
Stanley (South of Hong Kong Island) – best in summer when wind is southerly, and the beach is sheltered. Lots of other water sports users

and small fishing boats on moorings to be aware of on entry and exit

from the beach.

Sai Kung – several areas in this region. Sai Kung town vicinity offers some rental options and sheltered locations. Plenty of beaches to explore. Might be possible to SUP surf at Dai Long Wan (‘Big Wave Bay’) on a good day, but hard to access.

South Lantau – nice sandy beaches for easy access to the water. Friendly paddling community of outrigger paddlers and surf skiers. Access to Lantau Island is limited to either ferry or private car with a special permit.
Paddling all year round is possible in Hong Kong.

Shatin River – north of Hong Kong, large river that offers flat water paddle and is mainly used for rowing and kayak training. It is not very popular with SUP.

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Buoyancy Aids

Not required on paddling craft.

Night Paddling

Night paddling is permitted and there are no regulations to state otherwise.


Sea Creatures

Sea urchins and jellyfish


General water pollution, toxins from run-off.

Heat Exhaustion

Risk of heat exhaustion in summer months from June to August, if not taking the usual precautions.


There is not a huge range of tides however they tend to be larger in summer which can make some beaches inaccessible at low tide due to rocks which become exposed near the tideline.

Water Temperature

The South China Sea is warm year around, however a spring suit or 3/2 shorty could be worn for extra comfort in the winter months which run from December to February.

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SUP Standards. Black cross vector.

Riverways Licensing

Not applicable.


Weather Forecasts

Windy App

Hong Kong Observatory

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