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SUP Standards. Whales and Paddle boarding.

+ What to think about By it’s very nature SUP is an activity that will often bring the paddler into close proximity with wildlife and the natural wild landscape.

The Natural Environment

Whales and Dolphins
SUP Standards. Dolphin and Whale encounters, paddle boarding.

Whale And Dolphin Encounters

Sharing the ocean with whales and dolphins is one of the many joys of stand up paddling. But there are laws that govern how close you can be to these creatures and fines if you get too close.

Many a paddler have come across these awesome creatures. We hear stories of dolphins gliding alongside paddleboards like they are welcoming the paddler to their home, or whales that suddenly popped their huge head out of the water to say hello! Sometimes so close that you feel you could reach out and touch it.

Room to Breathe
Seal Encounters

Seals can be found on every continent on Earth, though most species occur in cold-water environments. There are different types – for example; fur seals, sea lions, common seals, grey seals.

Seals can also be playful. They seem to like paddleboards, with instances of the seals swimming around the boards and even jumping up on the boards.
It is important to remember they are wild animals, and you should never attempt to touch or feed them.

SUP Standards. Seal encounters, paddle boarding.
SUP Standards. White shield vector, SUP Animal Encounter Safety.
SUP Standards. Birdlife, paddle boarding.

Birdlife Encounters   +

Paddle boarders are in a very privileged position of being able to truly engage native birdlife. Some birds, like swans, are territorial and may attack you. Other birds may be frightened off, or you can tread on nests with eggs in them. Be aware of the birdlife around you, take care to keep your distance and not to disturb them.


Birdlife Encounters Whilst Stand Up Paddle Boarding

SUP Standards. Ducklings on paddle, paddle boarding.
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