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Poland is a medium-sized country with many natural water reservoirs in the form of lakes and rivers. In the north, Poland is surrounded by the Baltic Sea. Of the 9,000 lakes in Poland, most and the largest of them are in Masuria (land of a thousand lakes) and Pomerania. There are very few canals in Poland where paddling is possible (mainly in Bydgoszcz and Silesia). The rivers in Poland are impressive. Including their tributaries, there are many covering the country and the largest are Wisla, Oder, Warta and Bug.

There is a limited amount of surf in Poland due to the Baltic Sea's sheltered nature, but this information from SurferToday is helpful: 'The country's main surfing spots are located in Pomerania, between Karwia and Rowy.'


The air temperature in the (most popular) summer/holiday period (between June and September) is between 20 and 30C during the day. At night it is a little colder - from 12 to 25C. In spring, autumn and winter, the temperature is between -5C (winter) and 17C (spring) during the day, a few degrees lower at night.


The water temperature in the summer period (between June and September) is between 18 and 25C, depending on the size of the water reservoir. At other times, the water temperature decreases as the air temperature decreases.

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Buoyancy Aids

One must have a life jacket aboard but does not have to have it on (lakes are exception). For the lack ,there is a fine of PLN 20 to PLN 500.

Night Paddling

Most of the resorts are poorly lit at night, so night swimming is not a common practice in Poland, and it happens rarely.



Most of the designated water routes are safe even for beginners. More difficult routes are on rivers and sea, but there is a lot of information about the degree of difficulty.


There are only typical hazards like whirls and stong current etc.


They are found in larger rivers and in the sea. It is always worth checking the weather and swimming conditions at a given facility.

Other Water Users

In Poland, many people sail - on lakes and the sea, there are many small boats and yachts. But, as a rule, they do not harm each other or other vessels.



In the summer season, at high temperatures, it happens that the water blooms - this is blue-green algae. Then you must not go into the water and bathe, it is dangerous to your health.

Wildlife / Marine Creatures

There are no animals dangerous to humans in Polish waters.

River Levels and Flooding

Check the different channels before going out, but no real problems.

The Cold

In the summer (especially July, August and September) you can paddle in shorts or a swimsuit. In other months, we recommend paddling in wetsuits, appropriate to the current water temperature.

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To rent a SUP, kayak, pedal boat, rowing boat or even a sailboat less than 7.5 m long or a motorboat with an engine power less than 10 kW (13 HP) you do not need any permission or a swimming card. This applies to all water reservoirs in Poland.

Riverways Licensing

There are no legal regulations on SUP in Poland. SUP is treated like a kayak or a boat up to 7.5 m. Comply with specific signs and water regulations.


Paddle Locations

To find information about SUP locations, go to:

There is no official site, people exchange this information

in groups and forums.

Weather Forecasts



River Levels and Flood Alerts

We check all levels and threats of rivers, weather and flood alerts on:

Institute of Meteorology

In addition, all alerts are sent automatically to Polish mobile numbers in the form of SMS.

Surf Reports / Forecasts




Poland is one of the countries that invests the least in waste management, according to forecasts by the Ministry of Climate and Environment.

Health and Safety

The entity responsible for safety on water in Poland is WOPR - Water Volunteer Rescue Service. It is a nationwide specialist association dealing with the performance of tasks related to water rescue.


All legal changes - regarding regulations in the field of water, water units and safety on water are regulated by the Ministry of the Interior and Administration.

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