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Hello World / We Are SUP Standards!

Hello World, we are SUP Standards and we have created these expert standards to keep you SUP safe at all times.

Image from SUP School, Margaret River, Australia

We have brought to the industry comprehensive standards which apply in every stage of your SUP journey. Our goal is to define SUP safety worldwide—

for recreational paddlers, instructors, school operators and many more.

Currently we are living on several online platforms, namely
The SUP Standards website.
Interact with us on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube.

We are more than willing to answer your questions: collaborate with us to create a more nuanced, expert-led SUP landscape, safer for all.

The SUP Standards Group

To kick off the conversation, we are going to be asking one or two important SUP safety questions each month, which we hope you will share your thoughts on. Whether you are a concerned community member, or an expert SUP educator, we want to hear from you. This forum will take place on the brand-new SUP Standards Facebook Group, but do not worry if you would rather contact us with your ideas directly.
Shoot us an email

After we receive all your ideas, push backs and contributions, our industry experts will discuss the topic in depth. We will publish a polished and balanced summary (hopefully) answering the questions we asked in the first place.

Let’s move forwards, together.

So with this launch, we look for your help and support, for what we hope will be a platform and community in which anyone can contribute to the SUP standards, simultaneously developing the truly safest criteria for us all to adhere to, from Tasmania to the Cornish coast.

Make sure to sign up to our newsletter and be the first to hear our monthly questions / topics to discuss.

Thank you and all the best.

The SUP Standards Team.

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