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SUP Standards. White Diamond Vector.

Schools and clubs involve an instructor offering their services

to the public.

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SUP Standards. School and Clubs, White Vector.

What is the

A safe SUP school or club has appropriate documentation, procedures and policies in place, abides by local laws and regulations, uses correct equipment and clothing, ensures activity environments are safe and suitable for the client group and SUP instructors are qualified and experienced for the Activity Environment.


Risk Assessment and Operational documents

The SUP School owner or club committee has risk management and assessment documents, operational procedure documents, environmental impact, and emergency response procedures on file.


SUP Activity Environment Risk Assessment

Location Risk assessment is documented for each activity location. 


Session Risk Assessment

Is conducted for each SUP Activity session, documenting water, weather and hazards conditions and signed by the Instructor.


Waiver Liability Forms

Are completed for each client, identifies swimming skills, and medical information.  


Skills of Instructors

  • SUP Instructors have the required experience and qualifications and are experienced in the Activity Environment they are working in.   See Instructor Standards

  • The SUP School owner / club committee is responsible for ensuring instructor qualifications and experience is documented and on file.


Suitable Equipment

Stand up paddle equipment is suitable to the activity:

  • Suitable SUP boards.

  • Correct leashes are worn at all times (as applicable)

  • Equipment is checked regularly and in good working order.


Suitable Clothing

  • Exposure and protective clothing  is provided by school or client provide their own (as applicable)

  • Exposure and protective clothing  is checked and in suitable for the client.


Conducting the Activity

SUP instructors conduct the activity in accordance with the “SUP Standards” SUP Instructor guidelines and any local laws and regulations.


Working with Children

Working with children checks are in place (if applicable to your country)


Laws and Regulations

Comply with government laws and regulations, including holding relevant permits and licences.



Have insurance in place (if applicable to your country).



  • Implement ethical marketing and only advertise what the SUP school / club is qualified to offer .

  • Have a complaints handling policy in place.

  • Have a document refund policy in place.

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