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History (What is SUP?)
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What is Stand Up
Paddle Boarding?

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Stand up paddle is a unique sport.

Participants use a paddle and a large, stable board (like a surfboard with fins) and are standing up whilst using the paddle to propel along.

SUP is not a surf sport, nor a canoe sport.

Canoeing involves sitting down and paddling a craft (like a boat).  Surfing involves lying down, using your arms to propel yourself and it is only possible to stand up once you are on a breaking wave. SUP is standing the whole time.

SUP has its own specialised equipment, technical skills / technique and hazards.

It can be conducted in any water location, from lakes to rivers, from breaking waves to flat water environments.

The versatility of locations, minimal equipment needs, amazing fitness benefits and the ability for the whole family to participate make it one of the fastest-growing sports in the world today.

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SUP Activities (More info here)

Flat water paddling at inland locations
Exposed waters paddling at coastal ocean location
SUP Surfing    SUP Yoga    SUP Fitness    SUP Pilates    SUP Downwinding
SUP Tours with overnight stays

SUP Endurance races (long distance up to 100 miles)
SUP Races in flat water    SUP White Water    SUP Foiling    SUP polo

SUP faded out of popularity in the surfing community when alternatives such as waterproof cameras and jet-skis became available.

SUP as we know it now, re-emerged in the year 2000 with the first known competitions taking place in 2004. It has since gained immense popularity.

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South America
3000 BC


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SUP Standards. Black Arrow Vector
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The Beginning

Stand up paddling has been

around for thousands of years.

There is evidence that ancient cultures in South America used watercraft with long sticks to travel, to fish and even to go to war (you've seen Pocahontas).


Modern-day SUP was pioneered by the Hawaiian surfer John Ah Choy in the early 1940s. Stand up paddle surfing was used by surf instructors to get a better view of the surfers over the waves and to also take photos of their clients.

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Present Day

Stand up paddling is a versatile sport today.

The ways that people can get involved and the activities available are so varied and exciting! For the safety criteria for each discipline, please visit our Recreational Standards.

Below, we have provided an interactive journey through the SUP activities available to you.

SUP Standards. Paddle board team on boards
Find a Way
What are the Standards?

Find a Way That
Suits You

These activities are some of the ways SUP can be enjoyed, for safety best practices, here are The Standards.

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Please click the image to

begin your journey!

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